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Carreau fluid

Carreau fluid is a type of generalized Newtonian fluid where viscosity, \mu_{\operatorname{eff}}, depends upon the shear rate, \dot \gamma, by the following equation:

\mu_{\operatorname{eff}}(\dot \gamma) = \mu_0 \left(1+\left(\lambda \dot \gamma\right) ^2 \right) ^ {\frac {n-1} {2}}

Where: μ0, λ and n are material coefficients.

At low shear rate (\dot \gamma \ll 1/\lambda) Carreau fluid behaves as a Newtonian fluid and at high shear rate (\dot \gamma \gg 1/\lambda) as a power-law fluid.

The model was first proposed by Pierre Carreau.


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