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Electron beam induced deposition

Electron beam-induced deposition (EBID) is a direct-write process in which electron beam is used to stimulate a gaseous precuror molecules that form a solid deposit on the substrate at the place of exposure by the electron beam.

The process is classified as "direct-write" if no intermediate material is used in etching or deposition to make a pattern. Most of the pattern transfer in semiconductor processing is done using photolithography or electron beam lithography. In photo- or e-beam lithography and sensetized polimer is used as a resist for pattern transfer, which makes it an inderect writing.

Similarly to deposition, focused electron beam-induced etching is a process in which an energetic electron stimulates a chemical reaction of a precursor species on or in close proximity to a substrate surface. The products of the substrate/precursor reaction are volatile species that are partly composed of the substrate material. The precursor species necessarily contains species which when dissociated will react with the substrate material and form a volatile species. The process involves the sequence in which the precursor species is (a.) introduced into the system and (b.) adsorbs onto the substrate surface. Under the influence of the energetic electron beam, the precursor species reacts with the substrate (c.) and forms a volatile byproduct, which subsequently desorbs (d.).


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