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IUPAC name Ethenol
CAS number 557-75-5
Molecular formula C2H4O
Molar mass 44.0526 g/mol
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Ethenol, also called vinyl alcohol, hydroxyethene or hydroxyethylene, is an alcohol with chemical formula C2H4O (H2C=CHOH) and CAS number 557-75-5. Under normal conditions, it tautomerizes to acetaldehyde. For this reason the thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA or PVOH), which would be derived from this monomer, is made indirectly by polymerization of vinyl acetate followed by hydrolysis of the ester bonds.

Between May and June 2001, astronomers A. J. Apponi and Barry Turner discovered vinyl alcohol in the molecular cloud Sagittarius B using the National Science Foundation's 12 meter radio telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory.

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