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Johannes Sibertus Kuffler

Johannes Sibertus Kuffler[1] (1595-1677) was a German inventor and chemist, from Cologne. He started in a successful dyeing business in Leiden, with his brother Abraham, and then moved it to Bow, London[2]. In England he spent much effort promoting a 'secret weapon' (torpedo or submarine) for naval warfare, petioning Richard Cromwell.

He married Catherina, daughter of Cornelius Drebbel. Like his father-in-law, he contributed to technology, in the matter of ovens that were self-regulating[3]. He demonstrated a use as incubator to the Royal Society.

He was also an experimental alchemist. He was an associate of Johann Glauber, and went into an alchemical venture with Johann Moriaen and Benjamin Worsley.[4]

He had a 1618 doctorate from the University of Padua.


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