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List of benzodiazepines

The various benzodiazepines and their respective trade-names, half-lives, and primary uses are listed in the following table.

Drug Name Common Brand Names*Time to Peak (Onset of action in hours)Elimination Half-Life (h)** [active metabolite] Primary Effects Approximate Equivalent Dose***
Alprazolam Xanax, Xanor, Tafil, Alprox, Frontal(Brazil)1-26-12 hours anxiolytic0.5 mg
Bromazepam Lexotanil, Lexotan, Lexomil, Somalium, Bromam1-310-20 hoursanxiolytic5-6 mg
ChlordiazepoxideLibrium, Tropium, Risolid, Klopoxid1.5-45-30 hours [36-200 hours]anxiolytic25 mg
CinolazepamGerodorm?9 hsedative40 mg
Clonazepam Klonopin, Klonapin, Rivotril1-418-50 hoursanxiolytic, anticonvulsant0.5 mg
Cloxazolam Olcadil (Brazil)2-5 (?)18-50 hoursanxiolytic, anticonvulsant1 mg
Clorazepate TranxeneVariable[36-100 hours]anxiolytic, anticonvulsant15 mg
Diazepam Valium, Apzepam, Stesolid, Vival, Apozepam, Hexalid, Valaxona1-220-100 hours [36-200]anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant10 mg
Estazolam ProSom.5-510-24 hhypnotic1-2 mg
Flunitrazepam Rohypnol, Fluscand, Flunipam, Ronal, Rohydorm (Brazil).5-318-26 hours [36-200 hours]hypnotic1 mg
Flurazepam Dalmadorm, Dalmane1-1.5[40-250 hours]hypnotic25 mg
Halazepam Paxipam1-3[30-100 hours]anxiolytic20-40 mg
Ketazolam Anxon2.5-330-100 hours [36-200] anxiolytic15-30 mg
Loprazolam Dormonoct2-46-12 hourshypnotic1-2 mg
Lorazepam Ativan, Temesta, Lorabenz2-410-20 hoursanxiolytic,anticonvulsant1 mg
Lormetazepam Loramet, Noctamid, Pronoctan.5-210-12 hourshypnotic1-2 mg
Medazepam Nobrium?36-200 hoursanxiolytic10 mg
Midazolam Dormicum, Versed, Hypnovel, Dormonid (Brazil).5-13 hours (1.8-6 hours) hypnotic5-15 mg
Nitrazepam Mogadon, Alodorm, Pacisyn, Dumolid.5-715-38 hourshypnotic10 mg
Nordazepam Madar, Stilny?50-120 hoursanxiolytic10 mg
OxazepamSeresta, Serax, Serenid, Serepax, Sobril, Oxascand, Alopam, Oxabenz, Oxapax3-44-15 hours anxiolytic25-30 mg
Pinazepam Domar?40-100 hoursanxiolytic5-20 mg
Prazepam Centrax2-636-200 hoursanxiolytic10-20 mg
Quazepam Doral1-539-120 hourshypnotic20 mg
TemazepamRestoril, Normison, Euhypnos.5-38-22 hourshypnotic20 mg
TetrazepamMylostan1-3 3-26 hours Skeletal muscle relaxant50mg
TriazolamHalcion, Rilamir.5-22 hours hypnotic0.25 mg

Atypical benzodiazepine receptor ligands

Drug Name Common Brand Names*Elimination Half-Life (h)** [active metabolite] Primary Effects Approximate Equivalent Dose***
Clobazam Frisium, Urbanol8-60 hoursanxiolytic, anticonvulsant N/A, typical dose 5-20 mg
DMCM  ?  ? anxiogenic, convulsant N/A, not used therapeutically
Flumazenil Anexate, Lanexat, Mazicon, Romazicon 1 hour antidote N/A, typical dose 0.2 - 0.6 mg

*Not all trade names are listed. Click on drug name to see a more comprehensive list.
**The duration of apparent action is usually considerably less than the half-life. With most benzodiazepines, noticeable effects usually wear off within a few hours. Nevertheless, as long as the drug is present it will exert subtle effects within the body. These effects may become apparent during continued use or may appear as withdrawal symptoms when dosage is reduced or the drug is stopped.
***Equivalent doses are based on clinical experience but may vary between individuals.[1]


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