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Melanocortin receptor

Melanocortin receptors are members of the rhodopsin family of 7-transmembrane, G-protein coupled receptors.

There are five members of the melanocortin receptor system[1] each with differing specificities for melanocortins:

  • MC1R. Mc1r is associated with pigmentation genetics.
  • MC2R. It is also known as the ACTH receptor or corticotropin receptor because it is specific for ACTH alone.
  • MC3R
  • MC4R. Defects in MC4R are a cause of autosomal dominant obesity, accounting for 6% of all cases of early-onset obesity.[2]
  • MC5R

These receptors are inhibited by endogenous antagonists agouti signaling protein and agouti-related protein[3] and activated by endogenous agonist melanocyte-stimulating hormone.[4]


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