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Systematic name Ethynylbenzene
Chemical formula C8H6
Molecular mass 102.133 g/mol
Density 0.93 g/cm³
Melting point –45 °C
Boiling point 142-144 °C
CAS number [536-74-3]
SMILES C#Cc1ccccc1
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Phenylacetylene is an alkyne hydrocarbon containing a phenyl group. It exists as a colorless, viscous liquid. In research, it is sometimes used as an analog for acetylene; being a liquid, it is easier to handle than acetylene gas.



In the laboratory, phenylacetylene can be prepared by elimination of hydrogen bromide from styrene dibromide using sodium amide in ammonia.[1] It can also be prepared by the elimination of hydrogen bromide from bromostyrene using molten potassium hydroxide.[2]



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