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Rubidium telluride

Rubidium telluride
Systematic name Rubidium telluride
Other names xxx, xxx
Molecular formula Rb2Te
Molar mass xx.xx g/mol
Density g/cm3
Solubility (water) x.xx g/l
Melting point xx.x °C
Boiling point xx.x °C
CAS number [12210-70-7]
Disclaimer and references

Rubidium telluride or Rb2Te is a chemical compound of the elements rubidium and tellurium. It is a difficult compound to synthesize; this is in part due to the instability of the substance(Stöwe). The CAS registry number is [12210-70-7].

Rubidium telluride is prepared from the elements in liquid ammonia. It is a yellow-green powder that melts congruently at 775 °C (or 880 °C as two different values are reported).

This compound is very rare and there for are a limited number of suppliers. Pfaltz and Bauer sells Rb2Te for approximately 560 USD per gram (2006).

Rubidium telluride has found some uses as UV detectors in space.


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