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Taurocholic acid

Taurocholic acid
Chemical name 2-{[(3alpha,5beta,
amino} ethanesulfonic
Chemical formula C26H45NO7S
Molecular mass 515.7058 g/mol
CAS number [81-24-3]
Density g/cm3
Melting point 125.0 °C
Boiling point xx.x °C
SMILES C[C@@]34[C@]
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Taurocholic acid, known also as cholaic acid, cholyltaurine, or acidum cholatauricum, is a deliquescent yellowish crystalline bile acid involved in the emulsification of fats. It occurs as a sodium salt in the bile of mammals. It is a conjugate of cholic acid with taurine. In medical use, it is administered as a cholagogue and cholerectic.

Hydrolysis of taurocholic acid yields taurine, a nonessential amino acid.

For commercial use, taurocholic acid is manufactured from cattle bile, a byproduct of the meat-processing industry.

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