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CategorySulfide (telluride) mineral
Chemical formulaPd3HgTe3
ColorBright white to grey
Crystal habitmicroscopic includded grains
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
Mohs Scale hardness2.5
Optical Propertiesopaque
Specific gravity9.5

Temagamite is a bright white palladium mercury telluride mineral with a hardness of 2½. It was discovered at the Temagami Mine on Temagami Island, Lake Temagami in 1973.[3]

It occurs as microscopic inclusions within massive chalcopyrite at Temagami in assotiation with other rare tellurides: merenskyite, stützite, hessite and an unnamed Pd-Hg-Ag telluride.[4] In addition to the discovery locality, it has been reported from the Stillwater igneous complex in Montana and the New Rambler Cu–Ni mine in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming.[2]

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