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Chemical name Tetraazidomethane
Chemical formula CN12
Molecular mass 190.13 g/mol
CAS number [869384-16-7]
Density  ? g/cm3
Boiling point ~165 °C (estimate)
SMILES [N-]=[N+]=NC(N=[N+]=[N-])(N=[N+]=[N-])N=[N+]=[N-]
Disclaimer and references

Tetraazidomethane is a colorless, highly explosive liquid. Its chemical structure consists of a carbon atom substituted with four azide functional groups. It was first prepared by Klaus Banert in 2006 by reaction of trichloroacetonitrile with sodium azide.[1]


As with other polyazides, tetraazidomethane has interest as a high-energy-density material with potential uses in explosives, propellants, or fireworks.[2]


Banert has reported that tetraazidomethane participates in a number of surprising reactions including hydrolysis, cycloaddition reactions with alkenes and alkynes, and reaction with phosphines to form phosphazenes.[1]


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