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Chemical name 1,3-diacetyloxypropan-2-yl acetate
Chemical formula C9H14O6
Molecular mass 218.21 g/mol
CAS number 102-76-1
Density 1.1562 g/cm3
Melting point 3 °C
Boiling point 258-260 °C
Disclaimer and references

The triglyceride 1,2,3-triacetoxypropane is more generally known as triacetin and glycerin triacetate. It is the triester of glycerol and acetic acid.

It is an artificial chemical compound, commonly used as a food additive, for instance as a solvent in flavourings, and for its humectant function, with E number E1518 and Australian approval code A1518. Triacetin is also a component of casting liquor with TG.

Triacetin can also be used as a fuel additive as an antiknock agent which can reduce engine knocking in gasoline, and to improve cold and viscosity properties of biodiesel.

In a 1994 report released by five top cigarette companies, triacetin was listed as one of the 599 cigarette additives. [1] The triacetin is applied to the filter as a plasticizer. [2]

Because it is in some sense the simplest possible fat, it is being considered a possible source of food energy in artificial food regeneration systems on long space missions. It is believed to be safe to get over half of one's dietary energy from triacetin.[citation needed]


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