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Orica Germany GmbH, Germany

Orica is the largest supplier of commercial explosives and ignition systems for mining and infrastructure, the global leader for the development of mining and tunneling, and the leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction. more

Saudi Chemical Corporation, Saudi Arabia


SNPE SA, France


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  • Black silicon can help detect explosives

    Scientists from Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology, and Melbourne Center for Nanofabrication developed an ultrasensitive detector based on black silicon. The device is able to detect trace amounts of nitroa more

  • TNT could be headed for retirement after 116 years on the job

    Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland have developed a novel “melt-cast” explosive material that could be a suitable replacement for Trinitrotoluene, more commonly known as TNT. “The Army and the Laboratory, through the Joint Munitio more

  • One step closer to understanding explosive sensitivity with molecule design

    Explosives have an inherent problem - they should be perfectly safe for handling and storage but detonate reliably on demand. Using computer modeling and a novel molecule design technique, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory have replaced one "arm" of an explosive molecule to help unravel t more

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Infographics Explosives

The Versatility of Glycerol

Look on the ingredients label of many different cosmetic or personal care products, and glycerol (often also called glycerin or glycerine) is commonly present. It’s also found in a variety of food products, as well as in some pharmaceutical products, so what’s the reason for its inclusion? Glycerol more

The Chemistry of Gunpowder

With the Fourth of July and American Independence Day on the horizon, a somehow topical post seemed in order. Having already examined the chemical compounds that give fireworks their colours in a previous graphic, I decided to examine another important firework component here: the first chemical exp more


HAZMAT Class 1 Explosives

HAZMAT Class 1 Explosives Explosives are any substance or article, including a device, which is designed to function by explosion or which, by chemical reaction within itself is able to function in a similar manner even if not designed to functio ... more


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