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  • More sustainability in fertilizer production: thyssenkrupp to build new plant in Poland

    thyssenkrupp’s Industrial Solutions business area has received a new order for the construction of a fertilizer plant in Poland. The customer for the project is ANWIL, a subsidiary of PKN ORLEN, one of the largest oil industry corporations in Central and Eastern Europe from Poland. The new facilitie more

  • Solving a 75-year-old mystery might provide a new source of farm fertilizer

    The solution to a 75-year-old materials mystery might one day allow farmers in developing nations to produce their own fertilizer on demand, using sunlight and nitrogen from the air. Thanks to a specialized X-ray source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, researchers at the Georgia Institute o more

  • Nitrogen fixation in ambient conditions

    Abundant in nature (78% of the air we breathe), nitrogen is rarely used in the industrial production of chemicals, with the most important process being the synthesis of ammonia, which is in turn used for the preparation of agricultural fertilizers. Using nitrogen as a raw material ("feedstock") for more

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