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  • Oxea Lifts Force Majeure in Oberhausen, Germany

    The  chemical company Oxea has lifted its declaration of force majeure for products from Oberhausen, Germany. The production units there are running at normal capacity again. The declaration of force majeure had become necessary because of an incident beyond Oxea's control at an important raw materi more

  • Oxea Declares Force Majeure for Individual Product Groups

    As the result of a disruption in the operation of a raw material supplier at the site, the chemical company Oxea will have to restrict the supply of certain products from its production plant in Oberhausen, Germany, until further notice. On the night of November 18, 2018, the synthesis gas productio more

  • BASF lifts force majeure for key vitamin A and E products

    BASF lifts force majeure for Lutavit® A 1000, Lutavit® A 500, Vitamin A Palmitate 1.6 Mio I.U./g, Lutavit® E 50, Lutavit® E 50 S, and Vitamin E Acetate 94% products for its animal nutrition business. The lifting of force majeure for additional vitamin derivatives and for several affected carotenoids more

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