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biostep GmbH, Germany

biostep GmbH was founded in June 1997 by Mr. Heiko Mixtacki. At the beginning, biostep mainly dealt with radioactivity measuring technology and bio-imaging systems. Over the years, the main focus shifted into the direction of biotechnology. Today, biostep is Your Specialist for PCR, Electrophoresis more

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Easy Documentation of Gels & Blots: New Generation of Highly Sensitive & Robust CCD Imaging Devices

Amersham IQ 800 comes along with improved Fujifilm optics and the new SNOW detection mode allows users to increase both sensitivity and image quality more

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  • In a class of its own - virtually noise-free images!

    The new "cooled cameras" with controlled double stage Peltier cooling provide unbeatable performance in all areas. They offer outstanding performance for low light applications with extremely long exposure times, e.g. in the area of fluorescence microscopy, astronomy, electrophoresis and gel documen more


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