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Entegris, Inc., USA

For more than 40 years, Entegris has been a provider of critical products and materials used in advanced high-technology manufacturing. These products and materials are often used to make the building blocks of many of the world's most complex microelectronic products, such as computers, mobile devi more

FullChuan International CO., LTD., Taiwan

FullChuan International CO., LTD. is specialized in design and manufacture of conducting and insulating parts. With our precision machining technique and several quality assurance procedures, we can easily achieve our customers’ product specification. Our professional technical teams accumulate expe more

TIMCAL Ltd, Switzerland

Imerys Graphite & Carbon’s long history of carbon manufacturing reaches back more than 100 years, when the founding company Officine del Gottardo was established in 1908 in the Swiss region of TICINO. Imerys Graphite & Carbon’s vision is to be recognized as a worldwide leader in meeting challenging more

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  • Innovative graphite recycling awarded as top European innovation

    Each year, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) celebrates the entrepreneurial and societal achievements of its innovators. They are honored with the EIT Awards in four categories: CHANGE, Innovators, Venture and Women Leadership. Anna Vanderbruggen received the CHANGE Award for more

  • Vianode invests NOK 2 billion in battery materials plant in Norway

    Vianode, a company owned by Elkem, Hydro and Altor, has decided to invest in its first industrial-scale plant for sustainable battery materials at Herøya in Norway. The investment of around NOK 2 billion will create new industrial jobs and provide critical battery materials. The decision is an impor more

  • Green electronics made from wood

    Sustainable electronic components can be made from wood with the help of a novel process that uses a laser to engrave electrically conductive structures on veneers. A research team at Empa and at ETH’s Institute for Building Materials has developed a practical and versatile method for making wooden more

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You may not have been aware, but this week is Graphene Week 2015, which marks a yearly week-long conference at the University of Manchester based around the emerging science and technological applications of graphene. This seemed as good a time as any to take a look at graphene: what it is, why some more

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Catch Fire

In this month’s Periodic Graphics in C&EN, we’re looking at the chemistry behind the recent news stories of lithium-ion batteries in some devices catching fire. You can see the full graphic over on the C&EN site. Also, for more lithium battery chemistry, head over to the recent RealTimeChem Week gra more

Developing Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

Today’s graphic takes a look at the research of Kent Griffith (@kentjgriffith), a PhD student from the University of Cambridge who’s currently looking into developing advanced lithium ion batteries to power our phones, laptops, and more. more

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Graphite Graphite (named by Abraham Gottlob Werner in 1789 from the Greek γραφειν (graphein): "to draw/write", for its use in pencil s) is one of the allotropes of carbon . Unlike diamond , graphite is an electrical conductor , and can be ... more


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