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  • Graphene finds new application as non-toxic, anti-static hair dye

    It's an issue that has plagued the beauty industry for more than a century: Dying hair too often can irreparably damage your silky strands. Now a Northwestern University team has used materials science to solve this age-old problem. The team has leveraged super material graphene to develop a new hai more

  • Hair dyeing without any risk - is that possible?

    Hair dyes have attracted major attention since the evaluation of epidemiological studies from the USA from 2001 identified signs of an elevated risk of bladder cancer amongst hairdressers and consumers who had used hair dyes particularly prior to 1985. This prompted the European Commission to launch more

  • Safer hair dyes and cosmetics to be made from Shetland seaweed

    Scientists have launched a project to make hair dye out of seaweed from around the Shetland Islands. Scientists at the University of Leeds are planning to extract chemical compounds from different species of seaweed and use them to develop a new range of hair dyes. The naturally sourced compounds w more

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The Chemistry of Permanent Hair Dyes

Today, hair dyes are widely used, either to cover up grey hairs, or simply by those wanting to change their natural hair colour. The chemistry behind how they change the colour of hair can actually get pretty complicated, but this graphic tries to boil it down to the key classes of chemicals involve more

Hydrogen Peroxide

It’s been a while since the last update to the Everyday Chemicals series – this latest graphic looks at hydrogen peroxide. Everyone’s familiar with the term ‘peroxide blonde’, stemming from the use of hydrogen peroxide in hair dyes, but this accounts for just one of the compound’s many uses; it’s al more

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