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FortePhest Ltd., Israel

Founded in 2017, FortePhest is a biotechnology company focusing on crop protection. The Company develops innovative products to control both regular weeds and weeds which are resistant to herbicides. We do this mainly by exploring novel Mechanisms of Action (MOA) discovered in plants. Inspired by na more

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Separate a Wide Variety of Polar Analytes with a Novel Hybrid Stationary Phase

No time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing ✓ Switch between retention modes with simple mobile phase changes and short equilibration time ✓ Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses ✓ more

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  • Artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides

    Researchers in the Oregon State University College of Engineering have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides. Cory Simon, assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Xiaoli Fern, associate professor of computer science, led the project, which involv more

  • BASF Venture Capital and Orbia Ventures Invest in Israeli Biotech Startup

    BASF Venture Capital GmbH (BVC) and Orbia Ventures today announce their Series-B investment in the Israeli biotech startup FortePhest. Founded in 2017, FortePhest is developing a new technology to combat herbicide-resistant weeds and invasive plants. Inspired and informed by natural plant processes, more

  • Modified clay can remove herbicide from water

    By creating neatly spaced slits in a clay mineral, University of Groningen Professor of Experimental Solid State Physics Petra Rudolf was able to filter water to remove a toxic herbicide. After removing the pollutant by heating the material, the clay can be reused. Together with colleagues from Gree more

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Rainbow Herbicides

Rainbow Herbicides The Rainbow Herbicides is a name given to a plethora of chemicals used by the United States military in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War . Success with Project AGILE field tests with herbicides in South Vietnam in 196 ... more


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