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Hydrogen Production

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  • New catalyst offers a more affordable way to produce hydrogen from seawater

    Hydrogen has drawn attention in recent years as a potential source of clean energy because it burns without producing climate-damaging emissions. However, traditional hydrogen production methods have a substantial carbon footprint, and cleaner methods are expensive and technically complex. Now resea more

  • New Photocatalyst Boosts Water Splitting Efficiency for Clean Hydrogen Production

    In a first, a dye-sensitized photocatalyst that facilitates the most efficient solar water splitting activity recorded to date (for similar catalysts) has been optimized by researchers from Tokyo Tech. Their surface-modified, dye-sensitized nanosheet catalyst shows immense potential, as it can suppr more

  • Double-layered catalyst generates more hydrogen

    Ang butter bread, made by layering butter and red bean spread, creates a new flavor by combining the softness of butter and sweetness of red beans. Hydrogen-generating catalysts can also create synergistic effects when different materials are layered with their unique properties. Recently, a Korean more

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Hydrogen production

Hydrogen production Hydrogen production is commonly completed from hydrocarbon fossil fuels via a chemical path. Hydrogen may also be extracted from water via biological production in an algae bioreactor , or using electricity (by electrolys ... more


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