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Impedance Spectroscopy

Companies Impedance Spectroscopy

C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik GmbH, Germany

For more than 25 years C3 Prozess- und Analysentechnik GmbH is selling devices and equipment to laboratories, pilot plants and production to the chemical, pharmaceutical and material science industry and research institutes. We concentrate on niche products - pressure reactor system, glass reactors, more

Ametek GmbH, Germany

Princeton Applied Research (PAR) and Solartron Analytical are the global leaders in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy thanks to a combined 110 years of instrumentation development knowledge and experience for materials and electrochemical research instrumentation. Our instruments and accessori more

ZAHNER-elektrik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

ZAHNER-elektrik GmbH & Co.KG is a leading manufacturer of high-end Electrochemical Workstations including the capability of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). For more than 35 years our company name stands for practically orientated innovations, highest precision, state-of-the art hardwar more

Products Impedance Spectroscopy

Battery Cyclers for Cell Characterization: Modularity, Performance and Flexibility

Choose the module that suits your battery: +/-150mA, +/-1.5A or +/-15A max ✓ Eight channels per module, optionally available with impedance spectroscopy ✓ Experiment control, data view, modeling and analysis are all included in one package ✓ more

Floating ground for reliable EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) results

Gamry system´s bandwidths up to 15 MHz guarantee a frequency resolution within the Nyquist criterion ✓ Ripple and Noise < 2 µV rms enables sensitive measurements even without shielding ✓ Adjustments of your cell´s time constant, cable compensation and flexible software ✓ more

Single & Multi-Channel Potentiostats for Simple and Demanding Electrochemical Measurements

Experiment control, data view, modeling and analysis are all included in one package ✓ Thanks to the modularity, the instrument including accessories is tailored precisely to your needs ✓ Easily scaleable from one to x channels, groupable, and simultaneous multi-user capability ✓ more

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News Impedance Spectroscopy

  • Detective work on the fuel cell

    Solid oxide fuel cells consist of three important parts: an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte. While oxygen is incorporated into the cathode, oxygen is then transported through the electrolyte to the anode, where oxygen reacts with hydrogen to water. The fuel cell is able to convert the energy rel more

  • Fideris Inc. and HTceramix SA Demonstrate Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Development Platform

    Fideris Inc. and HTceramix SA (HTc) demonstrated an SOFC research and development platform at the Hannover Fair in Hannover, Germany. Solid oxide fuel cell systems are a promising technology for solving critical energy and environmental problems. The platform will be marketed to SOFC researchers and more

Webinars Impedance Spectroscopy

  • Impedance measurements on Li-ion batteries

    The webinar explains the experimental setup for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy on Li-ion batteries and which information can be drawn from the measurements. It explains also the important practical issues which have to be considered doing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. more

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