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  • An 18-carat gold nugget made of plastic

    ETH researchers have created an incredibly lightweight 18-​carat gold, using a matrix of plastic in place of metallic alloy elements. Lovers of gold watches and heavy jewellery will be thrilled. The objects of their desire may someday become much lighter, but without losing any of their glitter. Esp more

  • Manifold developments on the market for butadiene

    Butadiene has been indispensable for a range of important industrial and consumer products for decades. Even though maybe invisible to the eye of the consumer, this preliminary product of the petrochemical industry can be found in computers, carpets, and various rubbers. Its use in tires causes buta more

  • Styron Implements Capacity Reduction for SB Latex in Europe

    Styron Europe GmbH announced a reduction in the manufacturing capacity for  Styrene Butadiene (SB) latex in Europe. Styron reduced production by 70,000 dry metric tonnes. The capacity reduction was completed over the past several months across Styron production facilities in Hamina, Finland; Rheinmu more

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