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Magnetizable concretes: Innovative concrete material created from cement and recycled magnetic particles that enhances the transfer of energy with high robustness and excellent performance more

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  • Floppy or not: AI predicts properties of complex metamaterials

    Given a 3D piece of origami, can you flatten it without damaging it? Just by looking at the design, the answer is hard to predict, because each and every fold in the design has to be compatible with flattening. This is an example of a combinatorial problem. New research led by the UvA Institute of P more

  • Chiral sources for metamaterial interface waveguides

    Metamaterial interface waveguides can confine and guide electromagnetic (EM) waves, which has attractive potential in integrated photonics physics and wireless devices, from radio frequencies to optical bands. The energy flow in waveguides can be fully controlled by sorting the near-field light wave more

  • Creating invisibility with superconducting materials

    A new study published in the De Gruyter journal Nanophotonics by lead authors Huanyang Chen at Xiamen University, China, and Qiaoliang Bao, suggests the use of the material Molybdenum Trioxide (α-MoO3) to replace expensive and difficult to produce metamaterials in the emerging technology of novel op more

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