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Fritsch GmbH, Germany

FRITSCH is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing. Here a short view of the FRITSCH instrument ranges: - Mills for crushing, micro-milling, mixing, homogenising of hard-brittle, fibrous, elasti more

Publications Mixer Mills

  • Mechanochemical organic synthesis

    Recently, mechanical milling using a mixer mill or planetary mill has been fruitfully utilized in organic synthesis under solvent-free conditions. This review article provides a comprehensive overview of various solvent-free mechanochemical organic reactions, including metal-mediated or -catalyzed r more

  • Improvement in the Collision Intensity of Grinding Media in High Energy Impact Mills

    The effect of the grinding chamber length and the grinding media diameter in a Spex 8000M mixer mill was reported earlier [1]. Now a modification of the grinding chamber shape was investigated. The results presented are based on DEM (discrete element method) simulations performed for the same mass o more

  • Mechanical alloying of biocompatible Co–28Cr–6Mo alloy

    We report on an alternative route for the synthesis of crystalline Co–28Cr–6Mo alloy, which could be used for surgical implants. Co, Cr and Mo elemental powders, mixed in an adequate weight relation according to ISO Standard 58342-4 (ISO, 1996), were used for the mechanical alloying (MA) of nano-str more

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