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NanoStruct GmbH, Germany

Precise Reproducible Nanostructures - The starting material of our naonstructures consists of an atomically flat mono-crystalline goldfilm, which can reach lateral extensions up to 200 µm. This material allows the production of a large number of identical nanostructures. Our gold nanostructures are more


WE FABRICATE NANOSTRUCTURED LAYERED MATERIALS We work with van der Waals materials known as transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). TMDs is an emerging class of materials for new research frontiers and future applications. Nanopatterning can change TMD properties in a structure-dependent manner. more

News Nanostructures

  • The future of desalination?

    Water scarcity is a growing problem around the world. Desalination of seawater is an established method to produce drinkable water but comes with huge energy costs. For the first time, researchers use fluorine-based nanostructures to successfully filter salt from water. Compared to current desalinat more

  • Researchers demonstrate label-free super-resolution microscopy

    Researchers have developed a new measurement and imaging approach that can resolve nanostructures smaller than the diffraction limit of light without requiring any dyes or labels. The work represents an important advance toward a new and powerful microscopy method that could one day be used to see t more

  • Snapshot measurement of single nanostructure’s circular dichroism

    The 3D conformation of a molecule or nanostructure determines its function. For instance, a left-handed amino acid can be beneficial to health, while its right-handed compartment can be toxic. With today’s optical imaging techniques, one can accurately locate a molecule or a nanostructure, but resol more

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  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hecht

    Stefan Hecht, born in 1974, studied chemistry at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley, where he completed his PhD in 2001 on macromolecular organic chemistry under the guidance of Professor Jean M. J. Fréchet. After positions as a junior research group leader more


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