Fragrance industry spots non-compliant product

Third cycle of the IFRA Compliance Program identifies a product containing a recently banned fragrance substance

08-Jul-2009 - Switzerland

Of the 50 products randomly tested from around the world as part of the IFRA Compliance Program’s third cycle (May 2008 to April 2009) one finished product has been identified as containing a recently banned fragrance material. IFRA is now in contact with the finished product manufacturer in question to investigate the circumstances surrounding the presence of the fragrance material and whether or not it constitutes a case of non-compliance.

“This is the first time we have identified a banned fragrance material in the three years of running the Compliance Program,” explained Jean-Pierre Houri, IFRA Director General. “Since the material has only recently been banned it is possible that the finished product is part of batch that is simply running its course through the retail pipeline. According to our procedures we will now investigate the matter to establish the facts and consider appropriate action if required.”

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