New division Univar Specialty Consumables combines expertise of RW Greeff, Marnic and Industrial Solutions businesses

06-Jan-2010 - Belgium

Univar announced that its businesses RW Greeff, Marnic and Industrial Solutions have been combined into one division as of 1st January 2010. Univar Specialty consumables will be the company’s specialist division, supplying high performance industrial consumables, silicones and processing AIDS to the transportation, aerospace, construction and industrial sectors.

RW Greeff has been in business for more than 120 years, offering consumables, silicones and processing aids to a variety of industries, from automotive to construction to aerospace. Marnic specialises in providing innovative solutions, products, services & distribution of a wide consumables product range, covering scrim, tape and boards. Industrial Solutions has served the Northern and Southern Irish markets for over 20 years, providing customers with high quality tapes, adhesives, abrasives, silicones and processing aids and technical sales support to deliver best practice, improve processes and deliver cost effective solutions.

All three companies have been part of the Univar family for a number of years, but by combining their experience and expertise under one umbrella, the company will be able to further build its presence across Europe, Middle East & Africa.

“Univar Specialty Consumables is a perfect partnership, offering localised services while retaining the advantage of a global network and broad product portfolio,” said David Jukes, Univar’s Vice President Sales and Marketing, EMEA. “In putting these businesses together to combine their individual strengths, we believe it will reinforce Univar Specialty Consumables’ position in the industry over the next few years.”

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