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Chemnavigator and Biospace to integrate chemical structure and clinical development tracking systems

Combined system to make use of clinical development information in early drug discovery decisions


San Diego and San Francisco - June 10, 2002 - ChemNavigator and BioSpace have agreed to create integrated access to their Internet-accessible chemical information and clinical development tracking systems, respectively. Integrated access will be available in July and will give researchers and knowledge managers a means to apply information about compounds in development to decisions about compound selection in the earliest stages of drug discovery.

"Tracking the volumes of data being generated from pharmaceutical research is onerous," said Michael Sterns, D.V.M., BioSpace executive vice president, corporate development. "Even more difficult has been integrating disparate data sources and types in order to apply the data to early-discovery decision making. The iResearch System has a unique way of detecting and highlighting chemical data interrelationships. The integration with CCIS opens up a new world to users by incorporating clinical development information, ranging from adverse effects to commercial market activity, into early-stage, chemical discovery decisions. This integrated system forms a very powerful research and competitive intelligence tool."

ChemNavigator's iResearch System is an informatics system providing researchers with chemical-structure based data mining tools over a consolidated, up-to-date view of important drug discovery information. The system includes over three million chemical structure records linked to current data on topics ranging from FDA approved drugs to pharmaceutical patents and available research compounds from worldwide sources. The data in the iResearch System are normalized and compared by chemical structure, giving users the unique ability to detect similarity relationships among disparate chemical databases with a single search.

The Clinical Competitive Intelligence System is BioSpace's proprietary text-based knowledge- management system that provides information on 350 disease targets through the tracking of more than 4,200 compounds in various stages of development.

Using technology developed at ChemNavigator, the systems will be linked to notify users when compounds they are considering for a research project are similar to compounds in clinical development. The reverse will be true as well. Users tracking a compound's clinical progress will be able to identify structurally similar screening compounds and related scientific information, such as patent status, toxicology profile, and biological screening data, which may have been unknown before.

"Our relationship with BioSpace brings competitive intelligence to the fingertips of both researchers and business people working in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development," stated Scott Hutton, president and chief executive officer of ChemNavigator. "Inclusion of CCIS the in iResearch System will allow users to seamlessly move between text- based biological information and structure-based chemical information."

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