25-May-2018 - Eurofins Scientific Services NV

Eurofins inaugurates newly-upgraded and expanded food testing laboratory in China

Eurofins Scientific announces that it has opened a new food testing laboratory in Suzhou, China with a surface area of 3,900m2. This new laboratory, together with the laboratory opened in Qingdao last year, highlights Eurofins’ commitment to serving its clients in China and Asia Pacific with world-class testing services. This project represents a total investment close to EUR 3m.

Eurofins Suzhou was founded in November 2006, as the first wholly-owned food testing laboratory of the Eurofins Group in China. The new laboratory, which is nearly twice the size of the previous laboratory, significantly upgrades Eurofins Suzhou’s facilities and office environment. Eurofins Suzhou employs 120 staff. With the support of Eurofins’ Contaminants Competence Centre in Hamburg, Germany, and Eurofins Suzhou’s continuous in-house research and development efforts, the new laboratory offers a broad range of testing capabilities including general chemistry, nutrition, dairy, mycotoxins, pesticide residues, contaminants, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and heavy metals. Eurofins Suzhou also provides compliance testing for food and feed samples based on regulations from China, the European Union (EU), the United States of America (USA) and Japan.

Comment from Mr. Jason Qin, Managing Director of Eurofins Food Testing China: “The relocation of our Eurofins Suzhou laboratory was a major project for Eurofins China. With this new state-of-the-art facility, together with our planned investment in other strategic areas in the country, we will be much better equipped to fulfill our mission to ‘Contribute to a safer and healthier world’. We will strive to continuously improve our testing capabilities and the level of service we offer to our customers to positively contribute to food safety within and outside China.”

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