Teijin Aramid and Avantium enter partnership to explore green high-performance polymers

08-Oct-2010 - Netherlands

Teijin Aramid and Avantium announced that they have entered into an R&D partnership to explore high-performance polymers. The partnership builds on Teijin Aramid’s world leading position of polyaramids and Avantium’s catalytic technology for producing building blocks for green materials and fuels. Avantium is a research and technology company that is unlocking a new generation of biobased chemical building blocks, under the brand name YXY.

The companies will work together to explore the properties and commercial potential of high-performance polymers containing YXY building blocks. The companies will produce a range of polymer products containing Avantium’s YXY building blocks. Subsequently, Teijin Aramid plans to test these products for different applications. Teijin Aramid and Avantium have entered into a multi-year collaboration agreement with milestones for monitoring the progress towards commercialization of these new polymers. The partners have successfully secured a government grant to support part of the work under the agreement.

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