ACS Responds to President Barack Obama’s 2012 Budget

16-Feb-2011 - USA

The American Chemical Society (ACS) announced its appreciation for President Barack Obama’s continued support of federal investments for scientific research and the Society said it hopes that proposed budget levels for 2012 may be achievable.

“ACS applauds President Obama’s leadership in strengthening science, technology and engineering on all levels from research and discovery to business development and product commercialization with the goal of creating high-skill, high-value jobs and enhancing U.S. competitiveness,” ACS President Nancy B. Jackson, Ph.D., said. “As Republicans pursue what they committed to last fall and return the federal budget to sustainable levels, we hope they will also implement essential policies that will stimulate economic and job growth and our nation’s innovative capacity.”

To take scientific and technological innovations beyond the inventor’s bench to commercial success depends on a welcoming business environment. To stimulate business investment in technological growth, ACS recommends national leaders take several key steps: Simplify our nation’s tax codes, reform intellectual property laws, mitigate start-up and retooling costs that industries and small businesses face, and enact trade policies that properly balance security and job creation.

“The scientific and technological innovation that underpins U.S. economic competitiveness inspired the rest of the world to become excellent in science,” Jackson said. “Our competitors know that R&D is good for economic growth! Discovery feeds the economic engine. But you also have to keep the engine tuned up if you expect it to perform –– that’s why we need both sustained and predictable investments in science and technology and business policy reform.

“When it comes to economic security, our nation’s leaders are clear: Nurturing the roots of innovation and enhancing our nation’s global competitiveness is not just a bipartisan endeavor, but an American priority and imperative,” Jackson said.

The ACS recently adopted a policy statement titled, “A Competitive U.S. Business Climate: the Role of chemistry,” that outlines policy recommendations in the areas of tax and trade; intellectual property; technology transfer/commercialization, and small business and entrepreneurship that if adopted would help create a more favorable environment for new, science-based jobs here in the United States.

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