BASF intends to build a second plant for sodium methylate in South America

Argentina designated as location for the new plant

07-Mar-2011 - Argentina

BASF intends to build an additional production plant for sodium methylate in South America. Argentina is the planned location for the second plant with an annual capacity of about 60,000 metric tons. Thus, BASF wants to strengthen its regional presence in one of the most important growth markets for biodiesel. The construction of the plant is planned at BASF’s General Lagos site in Rosario, which is in the center of Argentina’s biodiesel production. The start of operation for the first sodium methylate plant in South America, located in Guaratinguetá, Brazil, will take place as scheduled at the end of 2011.

“Thanks to both our excellent technology know-how for the production of sodium methylate and the strategically good location of our Brazilian and Argentinean sites, we’re creating a strong and competitive position for BASF in South America.  With the construction of a second plant, we will be able to strengthen this position,” said Stefano Pigozzi, President of BASF’s Inorganics division.

Dr. Alfred Hackenberger, President of BASF for South America, added: “The construction of another plant underlines the importance of biodiesel as well as BASF’s commitment to this market and the South America region.”

BASF expects about 20 percent of the annual global demand for biodiesel, which is about 30 million tons, to come from South America in 2015.

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