DELO increases sales by nearly 40 percent

08-Apr-2011 - Germany

DELO Industrial adhesives recorded total sales revenues of EUR 41 million at the end of the fiscal year on March 31, 2011. This represents a disproportionally high increase in sales by 37 percent over the previous year. DELO remains committed to further
expansion of business to drive future growth. The company is currently building a pilot plant for the synthesis of raw materials, and a new laboratory building.

International growth

“The increase in sales by 35 percent in our home market in Germany is very encouraging”, says Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Herold, Managing Partner at DELO. Sales abroad could be increased by 38 percent and now represent 57 percent of total sales revenues.Growth was mainly achieved in Asia. Sales increased by 38 percent. Sales growth in China amounted to 40 percent, and in South Easy Asia to 38 percent.

“Innovation industries such as display technology, photovoltaics and the RFID sector experienced strong growth,” says Dr. Herold

Business also went well in the USA. “We grew our sales by 290 percent,” adds Dr. Herold. Already in 2008 DELO founded its own US subsidiary, DELO Industrial Adhesives LLC. This was further expanded in the past fiscal year, and additional sales staff from Germany was added.

More staff

The company’s growth is also reflected by the number of employees. Today, DELO employs a total of 260 people (FY 09/10: 230 employees). Most new people were employed in the divisions of Engineering and Sales. DELO is planning to hire about 60 further employees in Germany and abroad in the coming 11/12 fiscal year

Focus on Germany as a location

DELO is still committed to Germany as a business location. The company located in Windach near Munich is currently building a pilot plant on which they will synthesize own raw materials in the future. On top of that, the construction of a new laboratory building already started. Completion is scheduled for 2012. Production and development of the high-tech adhesives for a wide range of industries, including automotive supply, microelectronics as well as card and display industry will remain in
Windach. Furthermore, DELO employs sales engineers all over the world and cooperates with a wide network of sales partners.

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