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Arkema and CJ officially launch the construction of their Bio-Methionine and Thiochemicals complex in Malaysia


In the presence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, CJ and Arkema invited 500 guests for the Ground Breaking Ceremony of their project in Kerteh, in the State of Terengganu in Malaysia.

After several years of studies, the construction of the first Bio-Methionine plant in the world and Thiochemicals Platform in Asia officially started, right on schedule.

Arkema owns an in-house production process of Methyl Mercaptan, a sulfur-based intermediate that is used in the production of Methionine.  CJ owns a new innovative and highly competitive industrial bio-fermentation process to produce L-Methionine, a bio-amino acid for animal feed, from renewable raw materials. The combination of CJ & Arkema’s expertise will bring both innovation and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant offering superior service and performance to the customers. The plant is scheduled to come on stream by end 2013.

Total investment amount for the joint project is about $450 million, where CJ will build and operate Bio-Methionine plant and Arkema will build and operate Thiochemical plant. Upon completion, Arkema will supply a key raw ingredient to CJ for the production of Bio-Methionine. When completed, the facility will be able to produce 80,000 metric tons of Bio-Methionine additives for poultry and 50,000 metric tons of sulphur derivatives for the petrochemical markets.

The choice of the site went to Kerteh because of its excellent logistical infrastructures and the availability of utilities and raw materials at competitive prices. During this ceremony, CJ and Arkema representatives officially expressed their gratitude to the Malaysian Administration for their support in this project.

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