22-Apr-2015 - Huntsman LLC

Huntsman Increases Specialty Amine Capacity

Huntsman Corporation announced plans to expand capacity of specialty amines at its manufacturing facilities in Petfurdo, Hungary and in Conroe, Texas (USA). The new multipurpose unit at Petfurdo extends the Huntsman manufacturing portfolio, further leverages the company’s integrated amines capability and increases existing specialty amine production capacity by a minimum of 20% at that plant. The expansion in Conroe will add equivalent capacity and improve the flexibility of its specialty amine unit. The new capacities are planned to go on stream by 2016. The financial investment and capacity were not disclosed.

In the last several years Huntsman has seen interest in many specialty amine product lines accelerate across the globe. Specialty amines are used by many industries including for the manufacture of polyurethane foams, coatings, lubricants and detergents.
Stu Monteith, President of Huntsman’s Performance Products division said: “The capacity expansion leverages our strong manufacturing and technology base and enhances what is already the widest in-house manufacturing capability across the industry. We have consistently improved capability and extended the product range manufactured at our Petfurdo location over the last 15 years. However, in the last few years demand has begun to fill production capabilities across our two main production sites in Petfurdo and Conroe, Texas. The new capacities show the commitment that we will build, ahead of the demand curve, to match our customers’ growth.”

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