New strategies for handling water and wastewater in process

"Water & Chemistry" - First main topic at the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering

01-Feb-2019 - Germany

On 26 February 2019 the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) will take place in Frankfurt. For the first time at the ECP there will be interdisciplinary lectures, including "water & Chemistry". The Isle Group, which specializes in the selection of innovative technologies and implementation consulting, will be presenting water-based innovations from six nations.

Water - the gold of the 21st century - is rapidly gaining importance in industrial production in the sense of sustainable development: water avoidance, new analytical methods, treatment of process- & wastewater and energy efficiency are topics in which experts from different disciplines are working on solutions.

The aim is to close water circuits, whether by removing pollutants from cooling water circuits and waste water or by separating salt loads and organic contaminants. If this is also possible with savings in energy demand, then the ECP is already there, because in the session "Water and Chemistry" selected companies from Isle will present their new and innovative technologies.

Daniel Frank, Industrial Water Consultant at Isle, is of the opinion that, without new technologies, industrial water treatment - regardless of whether it is cooling, process or waste water - will not be able to meet the challenges of the future. In the key areas of water and energy conservation in particular, ever stricter requirements must be met worldwide. "The ECP offers the ideal opportunity to bring start-ups and SMEs into contact with the industry in order to devote themselves to these future topics.

Holger Bengs, initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering, says: "I am very pleased that with Isle Group we have a strong partner at our side who brings his international network into the 3rd ECP and competently represents the topic of water & chemistry. Only if we handle water correctly will we all achieve the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations: Water is a very interdisciplinary topic, in the sense of the European Chemistry Partnering, to network innovative people from different disciplines and industries.

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