Almirall builds the largest self-consumption photovoltaic plant in Catalonia

Generating 1,200 MWh per year, avoiding more than 479 tons of CO2

29-Nov-2018 - Spain

Almirall, S.A has completed the construction of an innovative 800 kWp photovoltaic plant, located in its pharmaceutical plant in Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), which aims to save 12% of the electrical energy consumption from the site. This initiative is part of the company's policy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by promoting the use of renewable energies.

The installation of this solar facility, which is the result of Almirall's efforts to create an energy efficiency model through innovative projects, represents an important precedent in the fight against climate change. Already in 2017, Almirall installed the first solar panel system in Spain connected directly to its chemical plant in Sant Celoni (Barcelona).

With the construction of this photovoltaic plant, Almirall expects to reduce its dependence on the electrical network by more than 1,200 MWh per year in its Sant Andreu plant. It will generate the equivalent to the average annual consumption of approximately 350 homes with 100% renewable and local energy. Furthermore, the construction of the photovoltaic facility will reduce emissions by 479 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

All the energy to be produced by this photovoltaic installation will be instantaneously consumed by the Sant Andreu plant, covering 12% of its electrical needs.

The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building, the canopies of the parking lot and on the ground, and the photovoltaic plant will transform the solar radiation into electrical energy.

This technology is able to capture the maximum energy during all hours of the day and all months of the year. The power output is 800 kWp, allowing to generate close to 1,200 MWh per year of clean energy for self-consumption.

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