29-Nov-2002 - HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH

Jobin Yvon (Horiba Group) acquires Philips' Ellipsometry Business Unit

Royal Philips Electronics of The Netherlands and Jobin Yvon of France announce today that they have finalized an agreement for the transfer of the Ellipsometry business line of the former Philips Analytical business unit to Jobin Yvon. The transaction includes metrology tools such as the table top PZ laser ellipsometer, which Philips had previously acquired from Plasmos (Munich, Germany), and the PQ Ruby fully automatized 200mm wafers platform, to determine thickness of thin film.

Philips is pleased that a continuation of its activity is thus achieved and that service and support commitments to the installed base will be met.

Jobin Yvon complements its pioneering spectroscopic ellipsometer product line with an excellent laser technology and will benefit from the past five years of investment at Philips to develop the PZ/PQ tools.

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