04-Nov-2003 -

Sales Partnership for the Nordic Countries NovaSep / France - Sequant AB / Sweden

The rather intense development of both analytical and preparative chromatography in Sweden - Norway - Denmark and Finland and in particular in the Pharmaceutical industry has resulted in a sales partnership between NovaSep S.A / France and Sequant AB / Sweden with the aim of provding a local chromatography factory trained expertise , scientific seminars to already existing and forthcoming customers announced today Jerome Theobald, Sales Director, NovaSep and Ralf Jutvik, Marketing Director, Sequant AB / Sweden at a Press Meeting . This cooperation will provide Northern Countries with a more immediate and im proved services from purification technologies.

NovaSep is a leader in large-scale chromatography separations for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries offering a broad range of preparative chromatography technologies that include sophisticated continous multicolumn techniques. Chiral compounds, peptides, fatty acids, pharmaceutical binary mixtures and complex mixtures are typical applications for ordinary preparative chromatography and multicolumn continous chromatography.

Sequant are originators and manufacturers of Zic Hilic columns and other innovative HPLC packing materials and are particularly strong in analytical liquid chromatography with a recently inaugurated application laboratory. SeQuant also offer education through regular basic and speciality HPLC courses for its Nordic countries customer base.

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