Borealis and Univation Technologies cross license single site catalyst patent rights

Univation Technologies and Borealis have signed agreements granting each other certain patent rights related to single site catalysts as they apply to their respective PE manufacturing process technologies. Both Univation and Borealis believe that deals such as this will increase the availability and accelerate the use of single site catalysed polyethylene products. The parties will not Exchange know-how or technology. Borealis obtained a licence, including sub-licensing rights, under Univation’s single site patents for its proprietary Borstar PE Process. During the last ten years, Borealis has been successful in research, scale-up and commercialisation of single site catalysts. Borealis licensed certain single site patent rights for the slurry loop process in a previous deal with ExxonMobil, one of Univation’s parent companies. "With these additional patent rights, Borealis will be able to broaden its range of advanced single site catalysed products. The combination of our Borstar PE technology and single site catalyst is an excellent fit that will help us bring high performance products to the market and bring value to our customers and licensees," said Johan von Knorring, Borealis' Vice President R&D. "We believe that both our customers and the polymer industry benefit from cross-licensing and other arrangements promoting the implementation of new technology," von Knorring continued. Univation, whose patent rights in the single site field are among the most extensive, further expanded these with the addition of rights under certain Borealis patents. Univation is committed to bringing new polyethylene products into the marketplace by proactively licensing its patent rights and PE manufacturing technology. "While Univation and Borealis remain competitors in the licensing business, both companies have found areas in the single site field where they can complement one another," reported Univation president John Verity. "The industry will ultimately benefit from Borealis’ and Univation’s broadened access to an array of single site patents, and the increased availability of single site catalysed polyethylene worldwide," Verity continued.

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