25-Jun-2001 - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Thermo Finnigan Launches New Modular Surveyor (TM) HPLC System for the Research Laboratory Market

Thermo Finnigan, a Thermo Electron business (NYSE:TMO), today introduced a new modular Surveyor(TM) high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system designed to meet the needs of researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental, food and beverage, and industrial chemical laboratories. The product launch took place at HPLC 2001 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the world's premier gathering of professionals involved in high performance liquid chromatography.

``Our customers tell us they are looking for precision, flexibility, sensitivity, reliability and security in an HPLC system,'' said Dr. Ian Jardine, president of Thermo Finnigan. ``This new Surveyor system offers just that. We've incorporated the features that our customers require, while designing the system to deliver strong value to HPLC professionals. We anticipate that scientists in research laboratories worldwide will enthusiastically welcome this new addition to the HPLC market.''

The Surveyor system comes with a family of modules that chromatographers can use to accomplish a variety of research tasks. Modules include a convenient solvent tray; a UV/Vis detector that now offers the quantitative sensitivity achieved only with Thermo Finnigan's revolutionary LightPipe flow cell; a PDA detector that offers qualitative sensitivity, also available with a LightPipe flow cell; a flexible, high-performance autosampler; and an LC pump that provides the best retention time reproducibility available in a quaternary-gradient solvent-delivery system.

Unlike many competitive systems, the Surveyor system offers several built-in features including sample preparation, a column oven, a degas system and sample cooling. The Surveyor system offers a total system performance validation program, and is compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements governing electronic records and electronic signatures (21 CFR, Part 11).

Another strength of the Surveyor system is its ability to work with small samples. It can inject and analyze a five-microliter sample with no waste. It also accepts a wide variety of sample formats, including vial inserts, two-milliliter deep well plates, 384-well microplates and 96-well PCR plates.

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