Endress+Hauser achieved a turnover of one billion Swiss francs in its core business for the first time


Endress+Hauser headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland, near Basel, achieved the best result in the company's history this past year. Net sales increased over the previous year by 6.4% to 1.149 billion Swiss francs, and in the group's core business (measuring instrumentation and measuring systems) exceeded the one billion Swiss francs for the first time. Profits increased by 54.1% to 44.9 million Swiss francs. Endress+Hauser anticipates further positive growth in the current year. This information was provided by the company at its balance media conference in Basel.

"In nearly all business sectors we have increased by double digits in local currencies and thus have in part clearly exceeded the already high expectations placed upon us," stated Klaus Endress, CEO and the group's chief operating officer. At the Earnings Release Press Conference a year ago, he predicted that the year 2000 would be a "year of the harvest" for Endress+Hauser. The balance sheet for 2000 confirms his prediction.

The group's consolidated net sales increased in the year 2000 by 6.4% to 1.149 billion Swiss francs (previous year: CHF 1.080 billion). This corresponds to approximately Ç 738 million. Net income before taxes increased by 65.2% to CHF 71.5 million. Operating result was CHF 70 million (CHF 45.7 million), net income were CHF 44.9 million (CHF 29.1 million). The absolute net cash flow decreased by 2.1% to 104.7 million Swiss francs (CHF 106.9 million). The return on equity increased from 8% over the previous year to 12.5%. The balance sheet total increased by 6.7% to CHF 917.5 million (CHF 860 million). The equity ratio increased from 42.5% to 43.9%. Net sales in the core business (measuring instrumentation and measuring systems) increased by 9.2% and for the first time exceeded one billion Swiss francs.

The results are better than those of Endress+Hauser's larger competitors and its growth clearly exceeds that of the market as a whole. Endress+Hauser's smaller competitors with strong specialization in products and local market focus in sub-sectors have exceeded even this good performance. The subsidiary Photo Print Electronic PPE (high-quality circuit boards), which is not part of the core business, increased its turnover by 28.7%. In comparison to the previous year its losses were cut by more than half.

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