ExxonMobil Chemical Investing in Polyalphaolefins Plant


ExxonMobil Chemical is investing at its Beaumont, Texas, polyalphaolefins (PAO) plant to add new options for formulators with new low-volatility PAO products designated as Group IV+.

This new class of PAO will offer step-change improvements over existing low viscosity PAO products normally included in Group IV. Benefits of the new Group IV+ PAO products include improved volatility, enhanced low-temperature properties, higher viscosity index and greater blending flexibility. Developed to help formulators improve either fully or partly synthetic crankcase lubricants, the new PAO line will be produced at the company's chemical plant in Beaumont, Texas, following the completion of the upgrade project.

"This is a new generation of low-volatility PAO - with primary benefits in the four-centistoke (4 cSt) and six-centistoke (6 cSt) grades - that offers additional value through greater formulation capability and flexibility," says Chuck Bullock, PAO marketing manager, ExxonMobil Chemical. "Formulators can upgrade the quality of their existing crankcase lubricants and achieve another level of differentiation in the market by blending in advanced Group IV+ PAO."

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