10-Jul-2001 - MWG Biotech AG

MWG-Biotech’s RoboSmart: The first fully automated system for complete DNA purification up to sequencing reaction

MWG-Biotech announces the official commercialization of the new lab robot RoboSmart. The system is the first robot in the market to completely automate, in one single step on one single robot platform, plasmid or PCR product purification, set up, processing, and subsequent purification of the sequencing reaction.

The RoboSmart is ideally suited to be the fully automated sample preparation system of choice for the several thousand capillary sequencers already on the market. In 2001 MWG-Biotech expects to sell circa 20 units of this new robot, which is the latest member of MWG-Biotech‘s successful lab automation series.

On the new RoboSmart several subsequent process steps have been combined on one single platform to ensure a high degree of automation unprecedented in the market. High process security ensures constant result reliability. At the same time the system is extremely user friendly: it only takes half an hour to completely load the robot. Then more than 768 samples will be processed within 15 hours in a fully automated process without any further user intervention. Thus, the RoboSmart is ideally suited for working overnight, and valuable lab time that is freed for other processes. Due to this fact the complete system will have paid itself off in little over a year.

„We are proud to be the first company in the market to offer complete automation for the most time consuming part of sample preparation. The new RoboSmart represents a long awaited application solution especially for all 96 capillary sequencer users. It is the result of our strategy to develop complete solutions for our customers, so that valuable working time is available for important research work.“ said Michael Weichselgartner, CEO of MWG-Biotech AG.

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