Albemarle Opens New Specialty Zeolites Production Facility


Albemarle Corporation announces the opening of a specialty zeolite facility in the company's Bayport complex, which produces a full range of hydrotreating and FCC catalysts and additives.

The new facility expands the company's capabilities in specialty zeolite production, utilizing an innovative new process developed by a team of Albemarle researchers and technologists.

"In addition to broadening our offering of specialty zeolites, we believe that this facility will allow us to participate more effectively in the ZSM-5 additives market segment," said Albemarle's global FCC additives steward Tony Ierubino. ZSM-5 additives are used to enhance light olefins production, primarily propylene, and to increase gasoline octane. "Refiners are increasing the demand for octane-enhancing alternatives with the phase-out of MTBE and the growing use of gasoline post-treatment in order to produce lower sulfur- content fuels," said Ierubino.

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