01-Feb-2005 - Hitachi Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Hitachi Expands Photosensitive Dry Film Production Capacity in China

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. has decided to expand the photosensitive dry film production capacity of Hitachi Chemical (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., with the aim of boosting the manufacture and sale of the films in China in the printed wiring board market. The company will invest approx.1.6 billion yen in building a new plant which will be capable of manufacturing 50 million of the photosensitive dry film per year, as an extension to the existing facility.

Printed wiring board manufacturers, who are the prime users of the photosensitive dry film, are rapidly shifting their production base to China, which has now become the world's largest photosensitive dry film market. The company's decision to expand the production capacity is an effort to increase its sales in China, where demand for the film is increasing and the market is expected to further grow.

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