Pfizer Opened Clinical Research Unit in New Haven


Pfizer Inc opened a $35 million state-of-the-art clinical research unit (CRU) to confirm the safety and action of potential new medicines. The 62,500 square-foot, 3-story facility includes 50 beds and employs about 50 staff. At the CRU, study volunteers will receive potential medicines that have cleared several years of safety studies in the laboratory. Some of these Phase I studies will be undertaken in collaboration with nearby Yale University School of Medicine. Using PET (positron emission tomography) and other scanning technology, Yale scientists will be able to track exactly where medicines work in the body. This will help researchers better understand the medicines' effects.

As with all pharmaceutical research, safety will be top priority at the unit. Extensive safety testing is undertaken before medicines in development are given to human volunteers. All volunteers will be carefully briefed about the medicine and the purpose of the study before they are enrolled. A federally monitored Investigational Review Board will monitor the design and conduct of all trials.

The phase I unit is the fourth unit of its kind owned and operated by Pfizer. Other units are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Brussels, Belgium; and Singapore.

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