Cognis opens new polyol ester plant in China

18-Apr-2006 - China

Cognis inaugurated a new production plant for the manufacture of polyol esters for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Located in Jinshan, near Shanghai, the facility will produce ProEco polyol esters. It represents an investment of six million euros and is a response to the huge growth in demand for environmentally sound refrigeration lubrication oils in Asia.

With the new reactor, Cognis has further increased its production capacity for highly-refined refrigeration oils, and is now able to supply the Asian market with locally-produced polyol esters, too. "As well as satisfying demand in the fast-growing Chinese market, the facility also enables us to supply other countries in the region, such as Korea and India," comments Achim Pfeiffer, Global Vice President Synlubes Technology. "The plant represents a further component of our global strategy of being close to our customers and manufacturing our products right where they need them."

All products will be marketed by Japan Sun Oil (JSO), Cognis exclusive marketing partner in the Asia-Pacific region.

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