Rhodia Continues its Development in Asia with the Construction of a New Polyamide Intermediates Unit


Rhodia has announced the construction of Hexamethylene Diamine (HMDA) unit in China, as part of its upstream integration in the polyamide chain. With an annual capacity of 60kt/p.a, the new unit, to serve the fast growing HMDA merchant market in Asia, is planned to be operational in early 2009.

"This decision is fully in line with the strategy of Rhodia Polyamide to focus on our intermediates and engineering plastics businesses in which we hold leadership positions. Our investment will allow Rhodia Polyamide to provide a better service to its customers in Asia and seize new development opportunities in a market enjoying strong growth," explained Laurent Schmitt, President of Rhodia Polyamide. "As part of the same industrial logic", he added, "Rhodia is studying the feasibility of building an adiponitrile (ADN) plant in Asia."

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