22-Oct-2007 - Sasol Ltd.

Sasol orders new reactor as part of Synfuels expansion to meet SA growing demand for fuel

Sasol confirmed that it had awarded a contract to Japanese manufacturer, Hitachi Zosen Mechanical Corporation (HMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, to construct a Sasol Advanced Synthol (SAS) reactor.

The new SAS reactor is needed for Sasol to increase its 150,000 barrel a day (b/d) synthetic fuels operation at Secunda in South Africa by 20% to 180,000 b/d by 2015. Sasol uses it's advanced Synthol reactors to produce synthesis gas which is converted into a large range of valuable liquid fuels and chemical products.

The SAS reactor will weigh about 867 tons, be 8m in diameter and about 12 stories (38m) tall. Sasol currently uses nine SAS reactors at Secunda. Sasol has designed and perfected these reactors to convert coal and natural gas into high quality synthetic transportation fuels such as petrol, diesel and jet fuel, as well as a range of chemicals.

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